Windows 10 problems 2015

[If you don't understand any of this - you are probably better off than me]


Hi, let me shed some light, on Windows 10.Windows 10 problem

Windows 10, is a wonderful new bride - BUT.
I made the mistake of logging into Windows Live (as encouraged).
Like the IOS system (Apple) and Google, it welcomes you into the family in exchange for your precious email address.

Aahh, now feeling all warm and fuzzy, you download wonderful apps from their app store.
BUT (I told you to expect a 'but') now all my documents think I have' been unfaithful' and open as 'read only'.couple arguing
My account keeping software has divorced me, as I have (apparently) lost all my read/write privileges.
(Where am I to go for my conjugal rights now?)
I have been to relationship counselling in the wise forums of the internet and found them wanting.

Alas, I have had to hijack my own identity and become a new user (don't you hate to be called a USER) on my own PC!
I have raped and pillaged my former self, stripping him of every useful file.
Then, on bended knee I have begged for another chance with my old 'cloud' services and email client.
They didn't suspect that it was really me under this fake name, as long as I paid the bride price, of the sacred password.

Then . . . I was lied to!Windows 10 problems 2015
As you can see from the screen shot, she tried to assure me
'this won't take long'
but it took ALL DAY


Who is going to pay for all this 'down time'?


Despite Windows 10 problems 2015 will still be an awesome year.

Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson
Missing Piece Marketing
Helping small business owners be more productive.
(PSST! I'm not always this silly, but it always wise to check people out these days, don't you think?)
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p.s. If you understood this report, please leave me a comment.
If you didn't, you are probably better off than me!
Stay that way.

Windows 10 problems 2015 for small business


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Hi Paul,

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I appreciate your generosity with your ideas.

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Tony Mathot

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