Dealing with difficult customers

Payment Disputes - Report 3

Let's face it, we all make mistakes.

Here's the story:


For the last two months everything on the job has been fine and there have been no complaints about the workmanship.

But now that you are fighting over payment so much of your work is suddenly defective.


Defects will be the wall they hide behind to avoid paying you.


Construction disputes over payment

it's causes (and what to do about it!). Report 2

Have you ever had clients with unrealistic expectations?

You went to great lengths to show them just how much work was involved to complete the job the way they want.

Paul Johnson

You even had sketches and drawings to illustrate what you were about to do.

And . . . They still don't get it!



Construction dispute over payment.

Firstly (this is one of 3 reports on this subject),

what causes a payment dispute with a domestic customer?

Things start out so well.
Everybody likes each other. Mrs Smith even makes you cups of coffee and doesn't mind if you have to start early to avoid the heat of the day. She even shares a joke with you most days.

Angry manNow, you haven't been paid anything other than your deposit and 1 progress payment; you've outlaid for materials and labour; Her lawyer daughter-in-law is threatening to sue you for $140,000.
Everything's gone wrong!

Deal with a difficult customer properly.

In real dollars, how much will it cost you?
We all have to deal with difficult customers.
"Everyone gets customers who have unrealistic expectations - don't they?"
Well, yes they do.
It's just that, few business people understand what's at stake, when a customer complains.

What are the facts about dealing with a difficult customer complaint?
The facts are that:
* 73% of people will tell you if they are dissatisfied
* 48% of the most serious problems are sales and delivery related
* 52% of those who don’t complain believed it wouldn’t help to contact you.
But it doesn’t stop there. The most disturbing facts are:

Dealing with a difficult customer. A story.

I was digging around a Fair Trading site for you,

I found this case study (with a little embellishment from me - You know how I like to lighten things up).
I hope you enjoy it!

Solve my problem now!

Dealing with a difficult customer. Watch this unfold.

difficult customerA woman stormed into a plumbing company’s head office demanding to see the manager about an unfinished plumbing job.
She was looking for a fight because she had repeatedly asked that the plumbing be fixed for her daughter’s wedding party next week, and there were only two days to go.


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I appreciate your generosity with your ideas.

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