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1. Get testimonials that are real and honest.


I'm personally feeling very humbled.
Today I just received this email from one of my clients:

"Hi Paul,
I need to tell you that I am taking your advice.
I leave this afternoon for Greece.
I will be back in 4 weeks.
I value your advice , support & knowledge.

You have inspired me to stop & live a little more than I used to before I met you.
You have changed my way of thinking in family & business.

Santorini here I come.

Nick Kotsifas
Sydney Professional Plumbing"

Listen and read what others say about Missing Piece Marketing

courses and workshops:

Michael O'KEEFFE
Owner /manager

Yes! I have calls form many people, claiming that they can "boost sales and really put your business, out there." 
Paul contacted me and within seconds, I felt that this person was different and above all, genuine.

My contact over the next period, was "online" receiving Paul's advice and offers to be part of his training programme. I met him for a session, to see if he could be of any assistance to me.. 

Here was a person who had 'done his homework' and not just used patronising language, to attempt to endear himself to me as a supporter of tradesmen. He was able to give me tips, to improve a business that has been operating for 45 years - if you are prepared to listen and absorb, you can always find a "different approach." Paul offers practical tips, that you will remember and use everyday. 

I do not recommend people, rather I pass on to others the benefits of engaging with those who have a genuine message and whom I believe exhibit honesty and integrity, in their chosen field - such a man is Paul Johnson. 

* [Have you ever received a Christmas message from one of your clients?

I'm humbled to have just received this one (his name and contact details are available if you contact me):

"Hi Paul,
My my, how the year has flown by. I just wanted to quickly wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Safe and Prosperous New Year.
I also wanted to sincerely thank you for my new $60,000.00 Ford Ranger Wildtrak ute, because after all you did buy it for me. Well to be a little more specific, it was Missing Piece Marketing who bought me the vehicle. All I had to do was properly implement all of the various programs, strategies and systems as provided in your courses. 
The result is we find ourselves in a situation where we consistently have too much work on, and more clients than we know what to do with. Problems are few and far between, and discretionary funds are plentiful.
Therefore you are ultimately responsible for my new Christmas present, so thank you. I could not have done it without you."

2. Get the contact details of those giving you a testimonial. 

It adds weight because anybody can call or email that person to check you out (although they almost never do). 

If they don't contact the referrer, they know they can if they want to. This adds credibility to your testimonials.




"To whom it may concern,

 Re: Letter of Recommendation

 Earlier this year I was faced with declining work load & shrinking client base. After 20 years of business I had big decisions to make and no idea on how to fix both problems.

I desperately needed to expand our customer base and with no skills in marketing or sales we were at a loss.

 Paul from “Missing Piece Marketing” arrived at our hour of need.

He opened our eyes to the world of marketing and gave me a new skill base to use when meeting with new and existing clients. Confidence grew and success followed.

 Through Paul’s “Getting In” programme we have been able to secure 3 new clients in a very shallow pool of possible contacts —in fact of the 6 targeted clients to date we have secured 3 and a further 2 have expressed interest and requested contact at a later date! It is expected that our business will result in a 20% growth as a direct result.

Paul enabled all this, in a very depressed market place under the current Global Financial crisis.

 With simple tools, key phrases and ‘tuned antenna’, I can only see a positive future for us.

 Please contact me so I can encourage you to pursue Missing Piece Marketing.

Jeremy Paterson
KJR Drafting

 Phone: 02 8883 4344 Fax: 02 8883 4322 Email: kjrdrafting@kjr.net.au

It's only 4 minutes - here is Jeremy Paterson telling how it was for him:

Jeremy is receiving Paul's FREE small business reports with the 'tiny bits of information' that put a smile on his face. Would you like to join him?

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"Of all the workshops I have attended, this workshop has given me user friendly tools to implement straight away ... I felt empowered ... Realising we used to just 'Quote and Hope', we decided to implement just one of Paul's ideas and it has increased our quote close rate by 50% already .... amazing."
Alex Thomson - Thomson Plumbing, Dural NSW Australia

Alex Thomson attended the workshop and was so impressed, she wants me to tell people to call her, to find out about the course and what she gained.

  Would you please call her on 040828-0200 (+61 408280200 outside Australia - please check the time in Australian Eastern Standard Time before calling)?

"In the past I'd felt I just got 'talked at', at these sort of seminars. I wondered if I would learn anything new this time, or was it going to be a waste of my time and money?
But this guy knows his stuff....a lot of simple new ideas to put into practice that I think will work. Since getting home, I've shown my builder dad, the 'Trades Quote Comparison Checklist'he got excited about what it would do for my quoting. I've told several of my tradie mates about how good the Workshop was."

Dave Goymor - RAD carpentry services Queensland Australia - call him on 0423 635 737 (+61 423635737 Outside Australia - please consider what time it is in Queensland Australia before calling)

Here is Dave sharing how he gets 100% success from FREE advertising -  a simple system called the '3X3 System:

here is Craig Cook from Atlantis Plumbing:
"When Paul and I began his 'Target Practice' programme, I seriously thought we’d be mainly discussing marketing ideas.
When we began discussing the other parts of my life, I couldn't see how this was going to help my business.
I was sceptical.
In the beginning, I was uncertain about setting goals in areas like my physical development, and family life - areas I'd neglected for a while.
Now, I feel more connected to my wife and have even begun to feel fit again (something I haven't been for years).
My business has somehow benefitted in the process, even though I don't understand how.
If anyone was looking at Paul's programme, be prepared for an emotional journey.
But one that is worthwhile.
Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.
Craig Cook - Atlantis Plumbing Carlton – Sydney - Australia
How does an extra $2,000/week in your business sound?
I'll let Craig how it was for him (click on the video):

Hi Paul,

Thank you for your time, advice and knowledge today. And thanks for lunch too! I have now made the final payment installment. It's always great to work with you and I am very appreciative.

You make me not just a better businessman but a better person overall. I now have many things to ponder. Thanks for helping me on my life journey.

Kindest regards,

Craig Cook

Atlantis Plumbing 


 Craig has been receiving Paul's FREE 'Missing Piece Marketing' reports for years now. He's thrilled with 'boosting his local work - without advertising'


More testimonials

from those who have done

‘The Secrets of Getting In’ course or

'The Secrets of Winning More Quotes' workshop:

“I was afraid we would waste money and not put into practice what Paul would teach us, I have found conferences in the past a waste of time and money as I generally didn’t get much from them.
Paul offers marketing advice that is simple to implement into your everyday work life, that can bring immediate improvement to business – great handy tips on how to attract new business.”

Tynelle Kerr - VIP Killara

“I thought ‘am I going to get what I need from this?’, but I know I now have lots of different tools that I can use in the future.
The surveys were really useful in showing me what my customer’s perceptions of me were.
I felt that if you continue to do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got in the past.
Paul gave me good ideas how to engage with potential clients”

Robert Clarke - VIP Killara

"It's good value spending money on Paul's training, it will help you make money.....added ideas to use in the quoting process."

Nigel Roberts - mylaundryspace.com.au

"Before the Workshop, I wondered if I would learn anything more than I already knew.
Paul definitely knows what he is talking about, he gave me plenty of options and approaches for quoting ..... also, it was great to be hearing from other Tradies in my situation."

Jeremy Starr – Starr Carpentry

"We have definitely gained knowledge about quoting... can see it will be of benefit to us."

Tony and Frances Beato – A & FM Beato Painting and Decorating