Don't you just hate it when people launch a site that is unfinished!

Don't despair.       This is deliberately 'yet to be revealed'.


Because the membership section is not for everyone.

No. It's only for our wonderful subscribers (hint, click here)

It is not an open club for as many to join as may wish. No No.

Membership will be by invitation only.

Membership will be limited - and then there will be a waiting list.


Well, you know when you are in a room with too many people, you can't hear yourself think or contribute. (And that is what our members will be doing best: Thinking and Contributing).

Genuinely thinking of ways for you to solve your business growth and customer aquision / retention problems.

Yes, you heard right - other business people honestly offering their help to get you out of a hole (or help you build your next skyscraper).

Members will have first chance to enroll in courses here at Missing Piece Marketing.

Members will have access to the entire database of reports. (Not just the ones we choose to make 'Public')

They will have first access to Paul Johnson and his 37 years of sales, marketing and personal development experience. Directly. Daily (at least 5 days a week - he wants a life, as well as a successful business)

They will have a chance to have their ads critiqued by Paul and the other clever folk in the

No. This will not be a place for everyone.

No. It will not be expensive (probably less than $100US/yr) - but it will be going up.

Members will be offered first, the new books and webinars that are coming.

Be patient. (and click here to subscribe, to be involved in this experience).


You wouldn't like us to 'go off half cocked' would you?

Enjoy each day,


Paul Johnson