Malaysian Airlines MH370, the search continues.

Over 270 people were on board.
Satellite pictures have shown large objects in the southern Indian Ocean:malaysian airlines mh370

Why did the plane end up here (if it did)?

Could there be any survivors?
Are the fragments in the ocean, pieces of the wreckage? The search area is huge. It truly is like searching for 'a needle in a haystack'.

I hope buy the time you read this the mystery will be solved.



Malaysian Airlines MH370 - Where is it?


The feeling of helplessness is on so many people's faces.

I often feel that, when I talk to business people. Not a 'life-or-death' hopelessness, but a real discouragement about working so hard and having nothing to show for it.

"Show me the money!" they cry.

"I'm in business, because I thought I could make more money than being on wages, but it's all a smoke screen.

There are times I have plenty of money in the bank and other times I'm scratching to pay my bills."


85% of businesses complain of the 'ups and downs' of business. One month there is plenty of work, the next month the phone stops ringing (which is what is about to happen in April and May - true. It happens every year. [Ask me how I know this - click here])

That's right 85% of businesses are like a large aircraft searching for Malaysian Airlines MH370 in the southern Indian Ocean.

They are at the mercy of their perspective.
They think they are going in the right direction, but are unable to see the plane, because they are too close to the sea.

What could possibly be better than a huge airplane sweeping the sea?

Well, a satellite of course! This is what a satellite saw:

malaysian airlines mh370


Malaysian Airlines MH370?

All this is seen, from miles up in space.
The satellite had a different perspective.
Once we have many satellites focussing on the same spot we will be able to find what we are looking for.




Most business people feel at the mercy of the market and hate the 'ups and downs' of business.


Because they are too close to the problem. All they can see is their own business and a few people around them.

Like the satellite, I have been able to get a different perspective.
I have done my 'Small Business Assessment' questionnaire with hundreds of small businesses over 14 years.

I have discovered what causes the 'ups and downs' of business, by focussing on the other 15% of business owners who always have consistent work and I asked the question:


"What are they doing differently?"

As many of you who have done one of my 'Assessment Questionnaires' know, I analysed the data provided in the research and discovered two causes (of the 12 causes I mentioned in 'Your cash flow problem - debunked' ).

1. When asked what proportion of their business came from Commercial (B2B) work and how much came from Domestic (B2C), all those with consistent work said they had an equal balance of commercial and domestic. (Check it for your business. The further you get away from a 50:50 mix, the greater the 'ups and downs' for you)

2. An imbalance of the mix of size of clients, makes a business unstable.
Some of the 85%, have just a few large clients that supply them with most of their work. That's great until the big firms delay paying your invoices, or go 'belly up' - taking you with them.

Others have mostly Domestic clients and that's great because you usually get paid, but there's a problem. Politicians and the media have control over 'domestic confidence' and when it's up, things are great, but when the public are fearful, they stop spending. Not good if you are on the roller coaster with them.

What is missing from most small businesses is those mid-sized firms, that don't need you every week, but who call you 3-4 times a year for work - consistently.

This is all covered in more detail in that report you got last week called:


Your cash flow problem myth - debunked.


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Having been up in the satellite I'm proud to say I have located the wreckage and a rescue operation is underway!



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