Business Ideas. Two simple business ideas.

What do phone bills, takeaway menus and kids pre-school drawings all have in common?

Well, they all end up on the fridge.

The fridge is the place to display works of art from your kids.

It's the place you go searching for those 'free' pizza deals,or the 'rent 1 get 3 deals' from your local video store, and

Just so you don't get your phone cut off, you've got your next bill staring you in the face, every time you go get some milk for a coffee.

On the fridge door.

What keeps them all on the fridge?

A fridge magnet of course!

True business idea story.

Would you like a true story? (everyone loves my true stories):

As you may or may not know, Sue & I host wedding receptions at our home for free (yes, for free - here's a link to some photos if you know someone who might be able to take advantage of this.)

When we began doing this, we needed a party hire company. We didn't know one.

Except, I remembered having a magnet on the fridge for 'Out West Party Hire'. It had been on there for years.

I rang around and Robbie was reasonably priced for marques, chairs, tables and other stuff we needed.

Not only did we use him, but every couple that uses our home for their wedding reception, also use him.

 What did it cost Robbie to get this ongoing work from us?

 Nothing (well, almost nothing)

 Because magnets are cheap advertising.

A simple business idea.

Why don't more businesses see the simple effectiveness of magnets?

There is a mindset that says "if doesn't cost much, it mustn't be any good". And, "unless I am really feeling the strain of the purchase, then it won't be any good for me."

Do you believe that?

.. Don't.

Most of the time invested in our courses & workshops, is devoted to the ways to:

Boosting your local work, without advertising.

It usually has to do with a change of habit - a procedural change.

Like never leaving a job, until the 'Sticky Beak' neighbours are 'fed' (you've given them one of your magnets).

[It's all in our 3X3 System of developing more local work. Yes, that too is covered in the Courses & Workshops.

"But I hand out my business cards to people I work for -
isn't that enough?"

I hear you. But no, sorry. That isn't working for you.

A woman will not keep your business card.

Why don't women keep your business card?

Just stop, and think about their world for a minute. You've just handed them your precious business card (or 2).

You wave goodbye, thinking you've just seeded further business in the future.

But have you?

She wanders back inside her home with your card. What's she going to do with it?

  • Put it in a drawer (I doubt it)?
  • In her purse (she can't find anything in there anyway)?

If you are someone she thinks she'll use regularly, she might put your details in her phone.

So, what happens to your card?

It sits around for a while, then - Oh NO . . .  She puts it in the bin!

Well, what good was that?

It was probably a waste of money giving it to her.

Not a magnet. No No No

It has a function in her mind - an important function!

Magnets - A simple business idea.

I often get asked "What do I put on my magnets?"

We get to that, in the courses.

But here's a hint:   Not much

After all they're not very big.

What was I looking for, the day I went looking for that party hire magnet on my fridge? 

'Party Hire' - OK

Simple Eh!

Business ideas for more local work.

"We tried Paul's 3X3 system of handing out something to 'Sticky Beak' neighbours of our customers.

We were skeptical . . . but it worked.

We get more local enquiries, and 20% of them turn into work."

Joe & Janet - C&J Mobile Mechanics - St Clair, NSW Australia

"I was skeptical, so I did a test and measure. I tested Paul's 3X3 system for 3 weeks consistently, in our car detailing business.

I was astounded.

Out of every 10 contacts I made, 3 of them turned into a job!

I've never had results like that from any paid advertising!"

Daniel & Imma Swami - Unique Car Care
- Glenmore Park

Till next time,

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