Best advertising campaign - and sex?

 This is serious - stop laughing


The best advertising campaign sells exactly what their customers want.

How do you know what your customers want?

It's simple. Just ask them what they love about doing business with you.

Want to find out what your customers really think of you?

It's not always good.

But don't you think it's better to know, than go on making the same mistakes that are costing you business in the long run?


Our 'Quick Customer Satisfaction Survey' is available for your business!

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The funny things they say on the survey responses . . .

 One customer surveyed said:

 "_____ was very friendly during his time working at my home.

 The only (negative) point I can think of, is his ill fitting shorts, exposing his 'Tradies Crack'

 (not offensive to me, but may be to some!)"


What could sex and business marketing possibly have in common?

I'm glad you asked.

If you didn't already know, the secret to a happy married life is in your attitude.

The amount that you are completely 'other person centred' in your attitude to your spouse, is directly proportional to how much you (and they) enjoy it.

 Putting their needs above your own will pay wonderful dividends in your relationship.

The same applies to advertising.

Some people's advertising is selfish.

"How can ads be selfish?" I hear you.

Well, because some ads are selfish with what they brag about.

Some ads spend all their time and effort telling you how wonderful the business is and neglect something more important.

What do they neglect?

Well, the feelings of the customer.

I the potential client, am not impressed by a company's '6 pack'. I want to know whether they actually care about what I need.

Have they taken the time to find out exactly what it is, that I need?

(What's more, it will probably have little to do with their core business functions)

"Aren't people just interested in what I DO, and a price?" you say

Well no.      Not exactly.

They are not only interested in what you do, they have a stronger interest in how you are going to make them feel.

Sure, if you are a plumber you unblock blocked drains, repair dripping taps and install new pipes.

As an air conditioning business you rip out old systems and put in new ones that work better.

If you're a draftsman you draw up the plans they want.

People love the new deck you install if you are a 'chippy', don't they.

Why then, does the 'Quick Customer Satisfaction Survey' we do with with every new business, tells us a different story?

Well, it's because people are more interested in things like:

Were they punctual, tidy, and contactable?

What did they think of their 'phone manner', reliability and whether they listened to their needs.

Did they come across honest and professional?

Were they accommodating (flexible)?

All FEELING things.

Now you know what goes into the best advertising campaigns - feelings



People buy how you make them feel more than what you can do for them.

So then, what's the one big 'feeling' thing that people want?

When they call a business person to their premises they've got one big thing they need to feel.

And that is . . .  SAFE

Yep, safe.I feel safe

You're a stranger

They've never met you before and they have invited you in.

Can they trust you?

Do they feel safe enough to invite you back?

Do they feel safe enough to recommend you to others?


So, was it good for you?

That's the question they want to hear from your lips (figuratively of course).

They want to know if you are keen to see them enjoy the experience of doing business with you.

Till next time,

© Paul Johnson 2013

 paul johnson

p.s. If you want to know what it is that people REALLY buy of you, by conducting

the survey of your business, email me.

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