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Coaching definition.

Business coaching is having someone who walks with you as another set of eyes to make sure you reach the goals you set for yourself in business. Someone who applies their specialities to enhance what you don't have.

None of us finds it easy to see ourselves as others see us. That is why we need a business coach.

Let's face it. None of us are good at everything. We need to swallow our pride and LISTEN to someone who has our best interests at heart. Then act accordingly - even if it is against our natural inclinations (and that's hard).



Coaching definition not needed by CEO of Google. Untrue.

Even the CEO of Google needs a coach:

Making Business Decisions


What makes business people different ?


Life is so full of them these days - especially in business.

If you've been in business for any length of time, you'll know how many

decisions you have to make!

Every day.

You're working for yourself because you can make decisions - and lots of them.

Most ordinary people freeze, making business decisions.

You know you don't make right decisions all the time, but you do make up your mind - congratulations!

Simple business ideas that work.


Do you want to get paid lots MORE, for what you do?

Here's a couple of stories to inspire you:

Paddy's a brickie.

Most of the time he gets his work from builders who set the dollars he gets paid.

Paddy knows he's worth more, so he ensures consistent higher business profit by always having domestic and 'builder' jobs on the go.

Why does that give Paddy more money?

3X3 System

How to promote your business.

How do you get more consistent work?


thirsty-squirrel1Are you feeling thirsty for more business?

It's often a long time between customer drinks, for most businesses.

Your clients don't need you very often, do they.



Why can't that be fixed?

It can.




Would you like fries with that“Would you like fries with that?”

That annoying little phrase, is worth tens of millions of dollars to McDonalds.

1 in 10 people change their order to include fries!



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Emails You Can Trust


How to advertise your business for free.

Have you ever seen a car crawling along the highway at a pathetically slow speed?

Now imagine that car is a shiny, brand new red Ferrari. You know this car has the capability to ‘rip up’ the road ahead, leaving everything else in it’s dust.

It can do 120 mph in second gear! Then step up to 250 mph with little effort. Yet, there before your very eyes, this supercar is being driven at 45 mph – well below it’s potential.

  Are you driving your ‘Ferrari’ well below it’s real potential?

Don’t mistake pace with potential. 

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Kindest regards,

Craig Cook

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Hi Paul,

I just wanted to say that I’m usually busy in my business and my inbox gets lots of ‘newsletters’ from people. I don’t have time to read them – I usually delete them.

But your reports are different. I was sceptical at first, but they put a smile on my face (we must have a similar sense of humour). I find myself stopping to read them, for two reasons:

1. You add a ‘human’ face to your reports; I identify with the stories you tell, to make your point, and 2. They always contain useful hints and tips I can use in my business.

I appreciate your generosity with your ideas.

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