How to get more customers?


Im worried about you

What has the rough end of a pineapple got to do with how to get more customers?

Stay with me, it gets clearer.

Just what DO you do with the rough end of a pineapple?

No, I don't mean to be rude, but imagine this . . .

You walk into a green grocer (that's the fruit & veg section of your supermarket, for those of you who were born after 1980 [my, how the world has changed!])

You are making a fruit salad. You fancy some nice, juicy, pineapple to sweeten it up.

You search everywhere.      No Pineapples.

You have finally given up on pineapple in your fruit salad, and are reaching for some cherries, when OUCH . . . you brush up against something sharp.
You look for the source of this discomfort, only to realise the silly grocer had displayed all his pineapples with the pineapplebulb down in the bin, and the spiky rough end out, for all to see!

Silly man.


How do you think the grocer should have displayed his pineapples?

Yes, by cutting one open and showing you the juicy core. He could have chopped one up to give you a sample, to prove how sweet his pineapples really are.

pineapple jucy slice

He could have shown you what would have fixed your problem, and ended your search.
Instead, he displayed the spiky, rough end of the pineapple to his potential customers.


How to get more customers?

Well, do you display your business like the rough end of a pineapple?

What is the first thing people notice when they see your ad?

What stands out the most?

Unfortunately, for most businesses, what stands out in their advertisement is 

their logo and their phone number. 


Sell people what they really want.

Tell me, when someone has opened up say the Plumbing classification of the phone book, do they want to buy a phone number?


they want to buy what you can do for them.

They want you to fix a problem of theirs.

They want you, to make them feel better.

Why then, do businesses spend thousands of dollars designing advertisements (see 'When Less is More Part 2' ), that sell the rough end of the pineapple?

When you look at their ad, what probably grabs you first, is their business logo, and their phone number – neither of which a potential customer wants to buy.

Remember, as a consumer, faced with a sea of potential businesses to call, all they want, is someone who can fix their problem and make them feel good.

That's it.

Nothing more.

Are you offering your potential customers just the rough end of the pineapple?

How to get more customers? Simple . . . Give them what they REALLY want, not what you want.


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