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Watch this video about what happens to tradies and small business owners when debtors refuse to pay. 

Watch how this firm does all the fighting for free. No court appearances. No hassle. 

Hear what you need to do to make it easy on yourself - and get paid!

Yes, I know, it sounded too good to be true to me too! But it's genuine.

(No, he hasn't offered me a thing for interviewing him or recommending his service)

 [If you are reading this outside New South Wales, you may have to ask Brett if he has connections in other states or countries]

[If not, then Google - 'debt collection no win no fee in <insert your state or country>' and be sure to ask this one question of the law firm -  "do I pay anything if the debtor in this Small Claim goes bankrupt?"]



Why am I smiling?Paul Johnson

I am holding 3 years of my free 'Client Assessment Questionaires'.

That's nearly 1000 interviews with tradespeople and small business owners. 18 questions, to give me (and them) a snapshot of the health of their business.

Just recently my wonderful wife helped me collate the answers of just 2 of the questions:

'What is it you like about being self employed?' and

'What bugs you the most about working for yourself?'


One of my favourite quotes comes from John Maxwell:

"Smart leaders learn fron their own mistakes. Smarter ones learn from others mistakes - and successes"

 Debt recovery discovery.

I discovered from these 1000 surveys is what bugs tradies and small buisness people.

Chasing people for money.

Are you sick of chasing people for money?

Well, What about a legal service that does it all for FREE?

Yes a FREE debt recovery service.

No cost to you

No court appearances for you

Even when the client finds fault with something they think you have done or not done -

you still get paid.

Watch this YouTube video interview:


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This is all part of 'The Debt Recovery Tool Kit'

Debt Recovery Tool Kit

It does suck doesn't it.

You've worked your a** off listening to what they wanted and you know you completed the job the way it should be done but they are now refusing to pay you.


tool kit

Debt Recovery Tool Kit - FREE.

(because chasing people for money SUCKS!!)

To go to your FREE Debt Recovery Tool Kit, click on the tool box above. (If that link doesn't work, would you hit the 'reply' button to let me know).

If it didn't work click on the link below:


Maybe you have been working as a subbie for a larger firm who keeps sending work your way. It never crosses your mind to inform them of your trading terms. They are such a large business you guess they would just look after you.
You have to outlay for some materials and pay your workers but it's OK, you know you can expect your money shortly.
They pay you immediately you finish the job. Woo Hoo!smiley
In fact, after a while, things are going so well, their work now amounts to 30% of your total business turnover. You make the decision to put down a deposit on a new vehicle on the strength of it.
Yep, things are looking sweet.
Then after a month or two they inform you (verbally) their payment policy is 30 days.
"But don't worry about the money . . . here's some more work!". They continue to pile on the work and you suck in your cash-flow belt - it's tight, but you put up with it.
burning moneyThen a few months down the track they appear to have forgotten your last invoice. You call and talk to the accounts payable clerk who tells you "weren't you told . . . unless your invoices are in by the 25th of each month, you don't get paid till the next month!"
You start to panic. 
How are you going to pay the workers for another month out of your reserves? 
Then you get a call from the guy who allocates you all the work, telling you he doesn't know when you will be paid.
What do you do?

The Debt Recovery Tool Kit is a FREE resource for you. 
In it, you have information about what causes people not to pay you and concrete ways you can prevent it happening again!
You'll find
1. A FREE 'Letter of Demand' for you to copy and fill in the blanks.
2. A 'Debt Recovery Flow Chart' (PDF) to download. This gives you a clear diagram of a system to follow to make sure you get your money - including the steps to take it to 'Small Claims Tribunal' (that's claims under $10,000 in NSW)
The 'Debt Recovery Flow Chart' shows you what to expect after you register a 'Statement of Claim' (or let Brett Crowley (the guy in the video above) from do it for you).
3. Two of my reports to show you a system that will stop the cash flow mess happening again
It's way too much good stuff to put in one report, so I'm asking you to click on the toolbox below or the link under it, to take you directly there.

Here's the other link, if the image link above didn't work:

Here's to your cash flow!

Paul Johnson


p.s. By the way [fname], who do you know, who has to chase people for money?

I'm OK for you to forward this email on to them - they'd probably thank you for it.

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