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grumpy Chaya  It’s not fair!


'If only I was more of a "People Person"!
Everybody likes them!

They seem to sail through life. They are the ones chosen to be captains at school. 

A "People Person" is the one who gets the promotions, even if they aren’t as qualified as I am.
A "People Person" never has a problem attracting members of the opposite sex and as far as I can see, they never have the problems at home that I have.
A "People Person" walks into a room and the atmosphere just lifts.  People follow them.

 I want to be like them.
I want to find out how to be a "People Person"!'

So, what’s the problem?
'People! I just don't get people.  Arrgh! 
I want to be liked, but I just get ignored.
I want to feel close but I feel somehow cut off.
If only I knew the secrets of being a "People Person".'
So, why are:
  • neighbours
  • relatives
  • workmates
  • shop assistants
  • team mates
  • your staff or boss . . . so difficult to get along with?
I know. You get along with most people, but there’s always that one difficult person and they make it so hard for you to get through to them. 
  • Some people don’t want to talk.
  • Some people are just plain rude.
  • Other people don’t listen to what you say, or
  • they ignore you. 
 Life would be a lot easier if THOSE people weren’t part of your life, but unfortunately they are.

What if there were tools you could use to make it easier for people to relate to you?
Ideas on how anybody can become a leader.
Wouldn't that be great!

How to be a People Person.

What about the difficulties you have relating to that special person in your life?
Now you are together, those precious things that attracted you to them just aggravate you, don’t they?
  • They want you to talk, but can’t they just SEE what the problem is without having to have a ‘deep and meaningful’.
  • Maybe your partner won’t talk. You feel that if you could only get them to talk through the issue, you could come to some resolution. But trying to get them to ‘open up’ is like using a crow bar to open an oyster shell! 
Then, when you finally get them to talk……. they don’t understand how you feel. 
The REAL problem remains a mystery to them.  
They just don’t get it!

That hurts. 

You and your partner are going to love the special 
‘Men's Sealed Section’ in the middle of this book.
Yes I know it says it's for men and it is,
but the challenge of his journey of discovery is going to benefit you both.

This book is controversial !
Not  everybody liked the confronting material in this book:
"Yes, I did open the 'Men's Sealed Section'.
Personally, I don't think this is a good idea. It annoyed me to see it on the cover . . . however the book contained some useful ideas for someone starting out in business development"
Carolyn P  Adelaide.   Business Development Director
Then there was:
"Yes, I saw the 'Men's Sealed Section'. It was good how you did this and the information is certainly helpful from a male's point of view. Maybe a women's section on how best to respond when a husband makes the effort to go on the journey you map out for them."
Lyn Roberts  Kianga N.S.W. phone +61244764414

What about dealing with your prospects and customers?
They can be difficult. Just trying to ‘get through to' some of them seems to be impossible. 
  • They won’t listen;
  • they won’t make their mind up;
  • they are so stubborn.
I’m sure you can think of many more situations where you find people difficult to deal with. I’ve just listed a few.

One solution could be . . .upset baby
 You could say it's all too hard
and tell people they'll have to
'take you as they find you' and
'if they don't like the way you are - that's too bad'!

Can there be happiness in life?
Having a life that is happy depends on how well you get along with people. In fact, the better you get along with people, the happier and more fulfilled you will be. 
Think of how satisfying life would be if…you never had to handle difficult people….

but you do.

"It was an easy and enjoyable read with great quotes, data but more importantly your narrative/testimony that held it all together.

What particularly resonated for me was the skill of not disagreeing with others even when they are wrong – because it can be so difficult to do. The quote on page 14 is gold!

I applied the principle of not disagreeing to a colleague who directly criticised recommendations I made among a large cohort of fellow workers. Instead I provided possible options and proactively attempted to build a positive relationship with the colleague based on her needs over time. She is now one of our most cooperative and supportive colleagues."

Angela Kerr - ESL Multicultural Consultant K-6 Western Sydney Region

Phone her on 02 4739 8815 (a.h.) or 02 92087672

[NB. If calling from outside Australia, please consider the time in Sydney and put +61 before any phone numbers]



The Solution

How to be a People Person.

How to be a people person

So, just as you had to learn the skills of your trade or profession, getting on with people is a skill you can learn. 
One day at a time….. 
……one new technique at a time. 
It’s like a tradesman’s tool kit: when he finds a situation that requires a new tool he adds one to his tool kit and learns to use it on the job. 

He sharpens it.

He practises using it until he is good with it 

In every section of this book you will be given 
People Person Toolspeople person tool box
Each one of these ideas is for you to add to your ‘tool kit’ for getting along with people.

Add them one by one. Practise them. 

Become a ‘Master Craftsman’ at getting along with people and watch your confidence rise, you’ll be amazed at how people around you are transformed and watch the aggravations of your life diminish.

Who will benefit from this book?
Brian Semmler OAM"Greetings again Paul, 
In my view, your book is excellent. It covers all the pertinent points in logical, progressive order, and in easy to understand language. The presentation style is superb, and the illustrations are appropriate and most professional. It would not only make a great learning tool for all of us who need people skills, but a great teaching tool, particularly if combined with a power point presentation, for those business people wanting to use it as an educational medium for their staff.  
It could also be used by 'personnel' organisations wanting to up-skill their clients for a job 
interview and in training them for their first job - or any job for that matter; and could be used by a myriad of voluntary organisations; churches, community groups etc. It would also be very useful for professionals involved in developing 'relationship' skills in families and other groups. "
Brian Semmler OAM  [Order of Australia Medal], Dubbo NSW Australia

What you will learn from this book.
This product isn't some hastily put together document. It's detail is rich and includes graphics and real life examples. It's designed to let you learn at your own pace. Instead of just being another information dump, it shows you how to go about doing things - and most importantly "Why" each principle is important. That way you can use the principles over and over again, knowing that you're following a system that instinctively works for you.
What's included in the book?


It’s not fair! 
How does a People Person talk to other people?

How does a People Person make somebody feel important? 

How does a People Person get alongside others? 

How does a People Person listen? 

How does a People Person influence others? 

How does a People Person make others smile? 

How does a People Person persuade others? 

How does a People Person make up another’s mind?

How does a People Person change other people’s moods? 

How does a People Person praise others?

How does a People Person criticize without giving offence?

How does a People Person thank others?

How does a People Person create a lasting good impression? 

Wrapping it up.


What have you got to lose?


This (and every product sold on this site) is covered by our


'Double Money Back Guarantee'

which states:

"In the event that, after reading this book, you don't think you got your money's worth, you can contact me within 7 days of purchase and I will refund you DOUBLE the cost of this e-book."

 That's right - Double your money back!
People have said I am crazy to offer this guarantee and I probably am. There will be people who will abuse this generous guarantee (whether they liked the book or not). But I believe so strongly that when anybody reads and applies these 'People Person Tools' in their life, they will instead tell others to grab a copy for themselves.

Craig Cook
"Hi Paul, thanks for your new book 'How to be a People Person'.
Some great content there. Very informative yet simple to read. I especially like the layout and design. Most professional.
If I could do something half as good as you have, I would be ecstatic.
I give you 10/10 mate.
Excellent work.
Regards, Craig."
Craig Cook - Sydney. Please contact him on if you want to know more about this book.

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How to be a People Person:
Step-by-step guide to becoming a

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person in your life, family, friends,

workmates, bosses and prospects.

Includes a link to a special

'Men's Sealed Section' 

A journey of challenge.

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48 pages.  Step-by-step guide to becoming a People Person.

A whole world of new 'People Person Tools' to impliment as you grow. 

What you will learn


The secrets of interpersonal relationships. A deeper relationship with the special person in your life. What will make you a leader in your world. What will make people follow you. How to enrich the lives of those around you by giving people what they crave for.




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