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  • Are you tired of people not answering your phone calls?.

    Answering your telephone calls. 12 strategies you can use to connect with people on the phone.

    smartphone for businessHow are you to connect with companies and their staff if they don’t answer their phone?

    The solution. 

    Forget the idea that somebody will call you back. They won’t.

    I covered all the reasons why people don’t call you back in this report here: ‘Why do people not call you back? 4 annoying reasons why.’

    Here are some proven ideas that will keep you ‘front of mind’ without sounding pushy:




  • Why do people avoid answering phone calls? 4 reasons why.

     Can you remember the joke “The cheque’s in the mail”? (It never was . . .)

    These days the joke is “I’ll call you back . . .” (They never do.)

    grumpyWhy don’t people call us back?

    The clever repair strategies are in the next report. Click /tap here -  'Are you tired of people not calling you back? 12 fast fixes.'

    1.Why don’t people call us back? What has caused this communication breakdown?

    This problem of people not answering their phone is not new. Expecting people to be ‘true to their word’ has always been an issue, but it’s happening more now, than years ago.
    Some of the reason is a ‘generational thing’.

    People who grew up during ‘the war’ believed in ‘a fair days work for a fair days pay’. They were also the ones who believed that ‘a man’s word is his bond’. In other words, if you said you would do something – you could relied on to do it.

    Part of this personal ethic has been lost when it comes to phone etiquette.

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