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Membership of this 'name and shame' site is if you have somebody who is overdue 60 days since you invoiced them.

Have you got somebody who owes you anything that is overdue?
It can be a large or small amount.

How does it work?

You click on the link here and take up a trial membership for $1.99. It's for 30 days.
You can register up to five late payers straight away.
You send the site a copy of the invoice that has not been paid.
They contact your customer with the copy invoice and a request that they pay you within the next seven days,
or they will be listed as a business (or an individual) who doesn't pay their bills!

That should 'put the wind up them'!

You can also search as many clients or potential clients as you like, to see if they owe any other member any money and haven't paid yet.

Does it work?
Matt (the guy in the interview video above) told me some interesting facts about one of their 'high use members':
55% of invoices are paid within seven days of the first warning email being sent.
25% of late invoices are paid within 14 days of the listing email being sent.(This is the point at which the late payer is formally listed on the website for all the members to see.
The remaining 20% stay listed, but the general feedback is that approximately 5%-10% pay sometime later.

To summarise, the debts being listed are at least 60 days old and 80% pay within a short period of time, without the hassle and expensive legal action.

It sounds good to me. As you know I wouldn't recommend anything I won't stand behind.

Give it a go for yourself.
Click / or tap on the link below:

Here's to getting enough of that debt of yours in, so you can have a decent holiday this Christmas!

Till next time,

Paul Johnson